End user moves and changes

Within a business, there are constant changes as people move and office layouts are reconfigured. Tiecom’s experts will plan and then manage any cabling or other network infrastructure changes. We keep business disruption to a minimum. We ensure your new configuration is fully tested and working before you sign off the completed works.

Tiecom’s top tips

Tiecom’s top tips for successful moves, adds and changes:

  1. Plan in advance.
    Know who you’re moving and where you’re moving them to. Moving whole teams can get complicated, whether you’re moving into a new building, a new floor or even within the same premises. Some advance planning can help you save time on moving day.
  2. Be aware of role changes.
    Sometimes people move because their role has changed, which could also mean they need a different level of permissions to access servers etc. Make sure you’re aware of all the changes that are required.
  3. Update the documentation.
    By making sure all user support and location documentation is updated, you will ensure that this move and all future moves are smooth and seamless. Losing track of who sits where and is allowed to access which parts of the network can mean hours of work later to sort it all out. Keep the documentation updated to avoid this extra work.
  4. Test before the move.
    Ensure the cables and WiFi are working properly before the move. Sometimes termination points don’t work as you expected and, unless it has been professionally planned and installed, some WiFi networks can have black spots. Make sure this isn’t a problem before you start moving people to the new location.
  5. Test after the move.
    Once everything is plugged in at the new location, test it to make sure it works properly. Follow up with end users to make sure network mapping, phone IDs or logins for softphones and other access is working as planned and there are no new or outstanding issues that need to be resolved.