200428049-001Installing a state of the art voice and data network is only one piece of the puzzle. You have to make sure employees know how to use the system so you can realise cost savings and efficiencies from day one.

We provide full documentation regarding your phone or data network system, its features and how to use them. However, nothing is better than a face to face, comprehensive training program to get your team up to speed, fast.

We offer one to one sessions or group sessions depending on your needs. Our highly qualified trainers remain available to answer questions after the training.
The session includes taking your staff members through usage scenarios to ensure they are completely comfortable with the system and how it works. We show them shortcuts and troubleshooting options and we can help them set up their own preferences.

For more complex systems, we offer basic maintenance training for your IT team.

Our training services aren’t limited to new installations. We can help you make the most of existing systems by taking your understanding to the next level or by simply providing a refresher course.

For more information or to book a training session, contact us now.