voice_and_dataWhether you have a brand new office to fit out or a rabbit warren of old cabling and technology to replace, we guarantee a smooth installation process. The result: a state of the art voice and data network that is configured to deliver maximum productivity.

Tiecom’s expert installers will work with you to plan a logical network layout. Our smart appliance and cabling placement will create a network that is as unobtrusive as it is effective. Working within your guidelines, we’ll ensure important components like wireless routers are ideally placed to ensure even coverage throughout the premises.

Once we’ve agreed on the installation plan, we’ll complete the work with minimal disruption to your operation. This often means working nights and weekends.

We keep the project on schedule and make sure you’re informed of progress throughout the installation.

Once installed and configured, our experts will test the system thoroughly to ensure it’s working properly and according to specifications.

When the installation process is complete you remain a valued customer. We provide ongoing support and maintenance so you are never on your own.