Medium to large business solutions

For companies on a growth path it’s important to have the right communications technologies to assist in that development. If you are moving the business across multiple sites, growing the number of employees substantially or your customer base exponentially – you need the right system to accommodate this in a cost-efficient manner. Tiecom offers a number of technologies that will enable your growth.

The UNIVERGE SV9300 communications server

The SV9300 is the perfect solution for a medium sized business with multiple sites looking to grow even further.
This communications server supports voice, Unified Communications and mobility solutions.
It is completely scalable to meet your business’ communications needs now and in the future. It can support up to 1536 handsets and includes support for mobile or remote workers in a secure environment.

Business benefits:
  • Increased productivity and efficiency through powerful applications such as voicemail, unified messaging, contact centre capability and expense management tools
  • Full IP capability with a migration path to support traditional telephony and pure IP environments
  • Scalable, open architecture to support your business growth
  • Increased customer satisfaction and lower expenses by extending communications to branch and remote offices or mobile workers
  • Seamless networking and business continuity
  • Ecologically sound – up to 63.7% less power consumption than previous generations of IP communications servers
  • Great return on investment: easy transition from existing systems into a full-featured IP communications system.

The KIRK Wireless Server 8000 (Polycom)

The KIRK Wireless Server 8000 is a reliable and cost effective wireless telephony solution for medium to large businesses. It is fully scalable and flexible with combined analog and SIP VoIP interface. The KIRK Wireless Server 8000 is a modular communications solution, which can be configured completely as per the customer’s requirements. Each KIRK Wireless Server 8000 has room for 1 CPU card, up to 8 interface cards and up to 8 servers can be linked together. It also includes a GUI (Graphical User Interface) management program, which provides capabilities such as e-mail reports and analysing tools.

Business benefits:
  • Combined analogue and SIP VoIP interface allows for easy migration
  • Improved responsiveness and productivity of mobile workers
  • High quality and secure communications
  • Increased business efficiency by easy integration with applications and business processes
  • Ecologically sound thanks to low power consumption, which also reduces cost
  • Straightforward installation and modular design offering flexibility and scalability.



UNIVERGE IP DECT is the perfect mobility solution, providing wireless telephony over an IP network. The UNIVERGE IP DECT can be easily integrated with your existing business’ IT infrastructure.

A single converged network is used to provide both fixed and wireless telephony. This reduces dedicated cabling requirements to the bare minimum. For multi-site companies or campus environments it is a simple matter of installing Business Mobility IP DECT at remote locations, with no need for additional equipment.

Business benefits:
  • Ideal if you are looking for wireless telephony over an IP network
  • Converged network reduces cabling requirements
  • Available with a wide range of handsets – for office, warehousing, factory or other business environments
  • Combined benefits of IP telephony with the superior quality and facilities of DECT technology
  • Great return on investment: system can be integrated with existing handsets and network infrastructure.